My name is Mrs. Moulin. I live in Long Beach with my husband and two boys. Born in California and raised with French and Mexican heritages. I have always found myself very comfortable in the kitchen, and enjoyed a meal with a proper place setting. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena and started my career as a pantry cook, and soon became a Sous Chef for The Food Matters Catering Co. I currently teach cooking classes, etiquette class and make custom bake goods, charcuterie boards and more. Food is my passion, a source of life, and brings people together. The best part is, I get to share it with people!

Etiquette Class Goals

This class offers boys and girls an opportunity to learn proper table etiquette, preparing them to dine anywhere and in any setting.

Cooking Class Goals

This class is designed for the younger generation to feel comfortable and confident in a kitchen. Exploring cooking techniques, expand palates, introduce knife skills and learn food saftey.

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Etiquette Class

The two hour etiquette class is a one of the kind workshop, offering boys and girls an opportunity to learn table manners in any dining setting. During the class they will be guided through a formal table setting, experience a four-course meal while using each utensil properly. These courtsies will help them become more confident at any table. Ages 6+ | Starts at $75


Cooking Class

My hands on cooking classes are personally curated to the individual. Each class teaches proper food handling, knife skills, and proper cooking techniques. Most classes are 3-course meal driven, which includes an appetizer, main dish and dessert in a three hour class. Ages 10+ | Starts at $150